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Why I don't Vote

Posted by Arkhenatan on June 8, 2017 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (68)
I don't vote because I am not so naïve to think that even the politicians with the best intentions can do much for us, because when you boil it down... We have a budget on one hand and a national debt on the other, which increases at a rate of £5120 per second due to the interest! Then there are the shareholders of the companies that put the politicians in power or sponsored their publicity campaigns, who also want their returns on their shares, so the politicians either have to make cuts, or increase revenue, so we see new wars which create rebuilding contracts and provide resources, business for the arms industry and profit for the medical industry from medical supplies (including tax rebates on out of date medical supplies) and we see new "laws" for more revenue (there is a difference between for profit statutes and the real laws) these same companies own the newspapers and news channels, otherwise we wouldn't know the names of the handful of chosen politicians they have decided we are allowed to vote for, giving us the illusion of choice (there are other political parties doing much more for better causes because their hands aren't tied by companies they are indebted or bound by contract to like big pharma, oil and arms companies etc.) So the politicians can't save us, even if that is their intention, only we can save us... I ain't waiting for Jesus or any other saviour, only we can take responsibility for ourselves and for building our communities. That may be a long journey, and probably even too big a picture for most people to envision, because most don't know of our true history of way of life before the industrial revolution happened, so we believe what we're told by the meat and dairy, big pharma and oil sponsored education system, what archaeologists tell us about ancient cultures being primitive. Because archaeologists that release and expose evidence to the contrary, evidence of our technologically advanced past, end up being sacked, so we carry on believing the lies that this Roman system feeds us, instead of the truth about who we are and what we're capable of, because divided we fall, but united we stand tall. And remember, as the Dao De Jing (tao te ching) says "every journey starts with a single step." Arkhenatan 8th June 2017

The Importance Of Chi

Posted by Arkhenatan on October 28, 2008 at 8:08 AM Comments comments (0)

Chi is the animating force of the universe, and nothing can live without it. The mind controls where chi goes to, which means that wherever you focus your mind,

chi goes. The same can be said of love, whatever you give your attention to, you are nurturing, and it will grow stronger, whether that is a plant, a child, a

problem or yourself. Wherever you focus your attention, you are sending lifeforce energy, or love, (which is why babies cry for attention) so it will grow in

strength. So isn't it better to focus on what you do want, rather than what you don't? In fact if you go one step further and visualise what you want, you are not

only giving it strength, but also form or structure too, it is like a blueprint telling the energy what it is to build. It works like this: The laws of physics state that

everything that exists in the universe is made of energy, vibrating at different frequencies, lower vibrations are denser, so you have solid, liquid or gases etc. But

every thought is also energy. Now you can think positive thoughts or do positive affirmations like saying, "I am rich" for example, (focusing on what you want), or

you can go one step further, and visualise yourself surrounded by the things, or living the lifestyle you would have, if you were already rich, giving form to the

energy in 3D. Of course as with anything, visualisation is a skill like any other and takes practice, and maybe more so than others in the western world, because

it is a skill which uses the right side of your brain, and in the west we aren't taught much, in fact some of us are taught nothing at all, which uses the right side of

your brain, which is the creative side of your brain, but given enough time and practice, you can literally create what you want in your life. Of course you have to

take the actions too and can't just 'live in your head'.(See my other blog 'Unbalanced lifestyle/Cancer') But invest in yourself and it is only you that will benefit,

well actually it has an effect on all the people you come into contact with to tell the truth. Anyway, getting back to the topic of chi, this is why in most meditations

and chi gong, you focus your attention on yourself, on some part of your body, or at least you should do to increase chi energy, then you finish by focusing your

attention on the dan tien, three finger widths below the navel, and just in front of the spine, which is the 'store house' for chi, so that you keep the enrgy you have

just cultivated. Incidently this is what chi gong means, cultivation, or development of lifeforce energy..... Any good culture, or complete culture, would include

exercises for this purpose, as the word itself suggests, because a culture is something that is cultivated, as in fungus in a petridish etc. Therefore you can say

that the chinese culture is complete as a whole, and that any style of Kung Fu, (or Gong Fu to use the correct term) which doesn't include or incorporate some

form of chi gong is incomplete. Kung/Gong Fu actually means development or cultivation of skill by the way. Also, when chi stops flowing to any part of your

body, illness develops and in acupuncture, they use needles to unblock chi and get it flowing again, because it is the flow of chi to the internal organs that keeps

you alive and well. Yoga was actually developed to prepare the body for meditation, because yoga, meaning yoke or union, actually strengthens your body and

makes it supple enough to enable it to sit for a long time without discomfort which would distract your mind, and it also works on maintaining the meridean

system, the channels which chi flows along, to keep it unblocked, so unifying body, mind and spirit (energy/chi). Tai Chi and Chi Gong, do the same thing, they

work on circulating chi through the merideans, with different movements for each meridean, to keep them unblocked, the same way you would flush water

through a pipe blockage to unblock it. But as you practice these disciplines, in time you can actually feel the presence of chi, it is like the electricity which powers

the lights or the appliances we use daily, you can't see it most of the time, but you know it is there, and it is not just some concept either, as it has actually been

measured scientifically, and there are articles about this if you want to search them out.
Anyway, hopefully you have more of an understanding now as to how chi works and the different ways that it is important in your life, than you had already.

Arkhenatan 28th October 2008

Unbalanced lifestyle/Cancer blog

Posted by Arkhenatan on December 27, 2006 at 11:05 PM Comments comments (0)

There are many causes of cancer out there in the world, but they have one thing in common: they all are created from the
premise that we know better than nature. When we start changing things from their natural state is when alarm bells
should start ringing, because it is mainly unnatural man produced products which cause cancer. all these chemicals we use for cleaning,
and personal hygiene, chemical additives in food and tap water, in growing crops for food or clothing, bad cooking habits
(did you know that when you heat any form of fat to a certain temperature, it changes it's structure permanantly, making
it carcinogenic) synthetic packaging, even synthetic lighting; are all detrimental to our health. Petroleum or the oil
industry is so big today not just because of the modern combustion engine in cars and other vehicles requiring petrol,
but also because of the vast range of other products it is used in. Check the ingriedients of your cosmetic & personal
hygiene products, vaseline and lipbalm is a big one,  most of them have petroleum in there somewhere, which of course is
carcinogenic, but hey you don't need to know that it's gonna make you ill, and why would they advertise the fact!?
They're not interested in your health, that knowledge would drive custom away wouldn't it? That's no way to run a
business right!? It's about making money isn't it!? It's an industry not a nursery, one of the biggest industries in fact,
it's right up there, in terms of profit, along with arms. Plastic packaging, another product from the petroleum industry,
leaches toxins in minute amounts, into our food & water, which only needs something like one part to a trillion to affect
our hormone levels, and of course when our hormone levels become imbalanced, we eventually get cancer, it is said that
certain cultures may even have become extinct because of rare cycles in nature which detrimentally affect hormone levels,
of course affecting male fertility. So how did we fall into this trap? a lot of it is to do with the way we're educated,
(I use this term loosely) because apart from being conditioned to blindly follow every piece of information we're fed by
'our superiors', who of course we've learnt to trust with blind faith, because they have a title before or after their
name, and we've been conditioned to look up to them by now because we're below them according to this hierarchical society
in terms of position, status, or our rightful place. So we don't need to question them right? Wrong!? But yes, apart
from this, without realising it, we're also actually introduced into the habit of predominantly using our left
logical brain for thinking, which of course is what it's for, but this is another danger for our health too, in fact for
the Human race as a whole it is dangerous, as is anything unbalanced. (and I thought our predicament couldn't get any worse)
The left hemisphere of the brain is the part of it which seperates things in the world, labels them, categorises them,
and files them into their neat little pigeon holes, which is a useful tool of course.
But look at it like this: When you concentrate on differences, which is what you're doing when you seperate things in
this way, this is when you create prejudices, or pre-judgement, creating alienation. I mean where does racism comes from?
It is because attention is drawn to differences, how someone is black or white in colour, and even labelled as seperate races, the
black race or the white race or the chinese race, rather than being seen simply as human beings, with a different birth
origin, we're all from the same planet right!? also attention is drawn to differences in religion, opinion, cultures &
habits. The danger all stems from when this part of the brain is used solely on it's own without the use of the right side
of the brain to stabilise it. Because while the left side of the brain looks at differences it is the right side of the
brains' function to look at similarities. Think of a childs bike with only one stabiliser, fine if you're only going to
turn the direction supported by the stabiliser, but if you turn the opposite direction it's dangerous, and the child
will fall off. The reason being is that thinking becomes unbalanced without the use of both sides of the brain for input.
That is the key here, because unbalanced things are unstable, and in nature everything is naturally balanced, and it is
mans downfall that he doesn't realise this because he comes along with his logical mind, thinking he knows better with his
little understanding and starts changing things, that's why they say little knowledge is a dangerous thing. In the study of
herbal medicine for instance, you learn that there are many active ingriedients in one herb, in pharmaceutical science,
what they do is take out whatever active ingriedients they think is needed for treating a particular illness, (man
thinking he's better than nature again) and use them in making their pharmaceutical products for sale. Now this is either
because they're very smart, (Health is a major money making industry) Or it is because of that old adage, 'a little
knowledge is a dangerous thing', the sole use of the left side of the brain is the cause of most ills
in the world, and they think they know more than they do, so are a danger to all who trust them.
Because what happens is, the now synthetic, product is missing vital elements from it's make up that were there for the
purpose of  keeping it's structure balanced and therefore stable. This is where side
effects come from, consumption of unstable, (synthetic) health products. Remember that everything in nature is balanced,
this is the reason the T'ai Chi, (symbol of Yin & Yang) is so appreciated in China. It symbolises that everything in nature is
balanced, and is whole, hence why it forms a circle.....Personally I think that it is both; they know they are causing
illness and even death, and they don't care, because the right side of the brain also governs emotions, and they also
think they are superior to nature, and their way is better, and even to the rest of society, so why would they care about
us anyway!? aren't we just the peasants paying the taxes to the feudal Lords still, from the dark ages, just under a
different guise!?
Man needs to wake up and realise his place as part of nature, and to stop trying to be better than it! Nature is THE
Intelligence. The word Nature comes from the Khemetic (ancient Egyptian) word Neteru, this word means god/principal, or
principal of God. They realised that God was too vast to describe and that we could only understand his qualities or
principles, or we can only describe them anyway. Recognise that to learn about nature is to learn about ourselves as part
of it, and the part we have to play in it. Then we can all start to live healthy balanced lives, with more information,
and time to put to practice the new knowledge learnt. But of course that's another problem, because we've also come to
accept this modern, convenience lifestyle, with fast food because of lack of time and because of what we're conditioned
to and are used to, because habits, of course, good or bad become a way of life. So you can either accept what you're
given or raise your standards higher and say I want better than that. Or panic, take the first offer from fear or hold out
for the best, out of love. I suppose it depends on what you think you deserve. But the good news is, we're all equal, we all
deserve an equal chance and equal respect, because all are worthy, and to change something,
the first step is wanting to do so with enough conviction to move you to act, or take action. Of course you also need the
knowledge of how to do so, but that's the easy part nowadays with the internet. You want to change something, make it
happen! Know thy self, because self knowledge is self empowerment! Knowledge of your subject ,whatever it may be, (what
it's needs are being a good start), helps you to understand it and empowers you to be better equipped to handle any
eventualities, that may come up, easier and make it, on a whole run more smoothly.
Of course health is the first priority, so if we can be aware of what our bodies need to be healthy, and what causes
illness, then we're better equipped to maintain health and also prevent health! An ounce of prevention being worth a
pound of cure of course. If you don't get ill, you don't need cures, and you're body's immune system can be strong. It's funny,
or not so funny in fact that they don't teach us any of this at school isn't it!? But then we're just consumers nowadays
aren't we!? as in we're just here to earn money so we can buy the products put there for us, otherwise what would be the
point in the powers that be allowing us to walk on their land, we pay through the teeth for it though don't we!? How did they
manage to claim the ground on which we walk on anyway? Ah yes back to the feudal times and man thinking he's superior/
logical thinking etc....anyway back to the point, I read a health and social care book, must've been about ten years ago now,
inside which it had a diagram of a health pyramid. This described the basic need of humans, like food, clothing, shelter, social
contact etc, but then went on to exercise. It said that to be healthy humans need to do some form of weight bearing
exercise to prevent muscle and bone deterioration, cardiovascular exercise, a minimum of 3x a week, for 20-30 minutes,
for heart and lungs of course, and a relaxation technique is needed everyday for at least 30 minutes. These are the basic
requirements, according to the health and social care profession, which I read for myself years after I had left school, and which they put in a book
for people looking after the elderly in health and social care! Forgive me for asking but isn't that a bit late to start teaching
people how to maintain their health!? When they're on their way out! Personally I do Tai Chi Chuan, for relaxation and
sometimes Chi gong too. Shame they didn't teach that sort of thing at school, but then why would they!?
We need to empower ourselves to be in control of our own lives, that starts with changing the old conditioning of relying
on outside authorities to give you the answers, and have your interests at heart into trusting yourself to find answers
and to know what's best for you, if you haven't done so already. and you can start by questioning things and asking why.
Why is that required of me, why is that good for me etc.
So let's make this world a better place-together!!

Arkhenatan signing off, Peace!

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The Cure For All Cancers Blog

Posted by Arkhenatan on December 1, 2006 at 1:59 PM Comments comments (0)

The Cure For All Cancers Blog

I was watching TV earlier today and saw a program about a young woman suffering from bone cancer, which is quite an adverse form of cancer and consequently requires lots of Chemotherapy to null the pain. This made me think of the book I have in my possession entitled 'The Cure For All Cancers', by Dr. Hulda Clark. I was thinking about why this book is not widely known and why it is not acknowledged. I mean if it were not true that there is a cure for cancer, or all cancers, as the book suggests, than wouldn't Dr. Clark be liable for prosecution, and obviously her book would then be taken off of the shelf!! But it's not!!

Does that not make her claims stronger?!! She even gives 100 patient case histories!! If you ask me why it is not widely known, it's because the NHS is a health industry and therefore it's purpose, like any other business, is to make money!! Now you cannot run a business if you are turning away custom, which of course is what you're doing if you offer cures, rather than removing just symptoms, i.e. pain. Of course this industry goes hand in hand with the pharmaceutical industry, and even the meat & dairy industry. Because if you look in the British medical journal, the official reference guide to new scientific health related research, for Doctors And health care professionals, you find studies from over ten years ago, suggesting that meat and dairy products cause more deaths each year, than drinking and smoking put together, because of the vast amount of different diseases, not just cancer, caused by their consumption! Now if you control the knowledge taught to doctors, the syllabus for their education includes hardly anything about nutrition, remembering that they are your front line sales people if you an industry that has a range of health products or procedures to promote and sell, then you're are going to avoid teaching them preventative measures, healthy lifestyles and/or cures to teach to patients. You would concentrate purely on teaching them diagnosis, and products or procedures which seem to deal with the problem, but don't cure it and only superficially remove it, the cause still being present; and to encourage people to think that illnesses and diseases are a natural part of life!! Which is what doctors do!! I mean I have nothing personally against doctors, just against the way they are educated!! It's wrong, because to cure something we need to find the cause and treat or remove the cause, whether it is a chemical additive/ingredient added to diet unnaturally or part of an enforced, unhealthy lifestyle, the point is that some change is needed, not just another drug to remove or cover up the symptoms until they become so strong that they can no longer be ignored, then something has to give for sure!! That is why the book is not well known, and what's more that is why Vitamin B17 is banned in the USA and UK, because this is another known cure for cancer which occurs naturally in some plants and in most fruits with kernals which have a hard shell, like apricots and plums, which can be broken with a nut cracker and a soft edible seed is hidden inside containing vitamin B17, and  you can just eat them, now as I'm not a Doctor, I can't actually tell you how many is safe so you'll have to use your own judgement, but in my personal opinion I'd say something like 5 or 6 a day is safe under normal circumstances, but obviously if you wanted to gauge how many seeds to eat, just don't eat more then you can without feeling sick or more than you would eat the fruit itself. You can eat a few a day if you have no cancer to prevent it, or if you have cancer eat more than normal. But anyway, that is why the cures aren't well known or publicised if you're asking me.......Because of money!

Written by Arkhenatan on Friday Dec 1st 2006

Save The Planet With Hemp. Posted on 22/8/06

Posted by Arkhenatan on August 22, 2006 at 10:14 AM Comments comments (0)

First used by humans sinced the paleolithic age, it's first recorded use dates back to the 16th century BC, when the Ancient Egyptians used it to make
cord and cosmetics!
It's seeds contain omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids in the most optimum proportions of all sources, vitamin E (as with most seeds),
and is a good first class protein source (high levels of essential amino acids-as in meat, spirulina, quinoa and soya beans)
It is the longest and strongest fibre in the plant kingdom. Before the mid 1800s most ships were rigged with hemp rope and hemp sails.
A 44 gun warship, like America's old iron sides, took over 60 tons of hemp rigging, including an anchor cable over 2 feet in circumference
also the oakham that sealed the ships boards and the sailors clothing were made from hemp as were the uniforms of soldiers and flags
the wagons of pioneer days were covered with hemp canvas, the word canvas which comes from the word cannabis, Which is found in ancient sumerian and
babylonian languages, 6000 years ago. America's founding fathers, including George Washington, were keen growers of hemp! Thomas Jefferson was
probably the first hemp activist, who encouraged farmers to grow hemp instead of tobacco.
It can replace all paper and press board for making houses, and petroleum for fuel, with hardly any pollution.
Hemp has been the major paper making material most of the time since  paper was discoverd in China.
The first paper ever to be printed on, in China, in about AD 770, was 100% hemp.
By the sixteenth century hemp was the material of choice for European paper makers, they made it into the finest and longest lasting paper ever made,
including the guttenberg and King James Bibles and many other famous works, America's declaration of independance was also first printed on hemp paper
Most paper of this period was made from recycled hemp canvas and old rags made from various fibres. The world consumes hundreds of thousands of tons of
paper each year. To meet these demands, hundreds of thousands of acres of forest are cut down each year, forests which take around 150 years to mature.
Hemp stalks produce the best quality art paper, Wood pulp is used to make paper not because it's suitable but simply because it's cheap and is a by
product of  the logging industry, but the available cellulose is only something like 30% and is really not very good and also has to be processed with
all sorts of toxic chemicals.
Hemp on the other hand is over 77% cellulose and is an ideal material for paper making.
Since the invention of the wood paper process, paper quality has deteriorated and so has the environment. The water that comes out of the pulp plant
and pulp process, has large quantities of chemicals that are potentially toxic to marine organsims that live in the bay.
Those toxins include dioxins and chloroform, and a whole suite of other chlorinated organic compounds, over 2000 have been identified.

The UK licensed commercial hemp in 1993.
Hemp is pretty resistant to diseases and doesn't require pesticides, or even much fertiliser, and is one of the few plants in the world that contains
fibres of very high quality.
hemp also prevents soil degradation as, whilst growing, it's long tap root binds the soil together.and in the past was used to repair land after soil
erosion. It is a natural weed suppressant because of the way it grows, on tall skinny stalks with a thick canopy of leaves up above, which just prevents
anything underneath it from being able to grow. It's nutrients are concentrated in the roots, leaves and flower head, and if you grow hemp for fibre you
only remove the stalk, while the roots remain in the ground, with the leaves and the flowers being returned to the soil to replenish it's nutrients.
So think of the implications for Africa!
You're only removing cellulose and water if you use hemp for paper or textiles
In Australia wood is sold for 70-80 dolars a ton, hemp fetches at least 400 dollars a ton.
A hemp plant takes only four months to mature compared to 20 years for a tree!
An acre of hemp yields 4 times as much pulp as an acre of wood, on a sustained yield basis, not only that but it also grows almost anywhere like a weed
including many parts of Asia and Africa where people are suffering with malnutrition and poverty!
It can be used for carpet backings, can produce material with all the characteristics of natural linen and even produce material indistiguishable from
silk. Hemp is undoubtably the most durable of the natural fibres, testing of 3 years of very hard wash and wear, don't make the slightest impression on
hemp fibre, it softens but doesn't weaken.
In terms of yield per acre, hemp out produces cotton by 200%, or perhaps even more under ideal conditions
Cotton  is highly dependant on pesticides on all stages of production and is the heaviest user of pesticides, using 25% of of the world's pesticides and
requiring considerably more processing than hemp, and because of the heavy use of pesticides you also have to take into account the health costs of the
workers. So you see We have a major problem which isn't even recognised because of the business implications.
With the pesticide, cotton, pharmaceutical and national health industries, all benefitting from cotton farming.
The technology is different for processing hemp, so will take quite a lot to set up for the textile industry, but when you consider how easy and
inexpensive it is to grow, because you don't have to pour money into pesticides or repairing the humans farming it, unlike cotton, and when you consider
the pretty glaring costs of cotton, you realise that hemp is a highly more beneficial product even in the short term. Not only that but hemp is more
absorbant than cotton and has three times the tensile strength!
Prior to 1937, 70-90 per cent of the world rope trade was from hemp. Trees are fibres, and when you take a Douglas fir tree, the longest fibre is 3/4 of
an inch, wheras hemp fibres are feet long. Medium density fibre board made from hemp is 2-3 times stronger boards than that made of wood. You can even
make the body of a stealth bomber from it!
good for bio degradable food packaging, providing, edible containers with no toxicity, which if thrown out on a land-fill site would, could even be used
for fertiliser. Hemp is 40% high quality oil, a combustable oil, a simple process now allows it to be made into a  relatively clean substitute for diesel
fuel, a substitute for oil and non toxic paint, also good for cosmetics, and can even be made into Ice-cream! Check out the recipe here:
Hemp is probably the most economical, ethological, easiest way to grow protein, and is totally drug-free.
Carbon monoxide is the leading cause of death in this country from poisoning, it accounts for more deaths anually than all drug overdoses combined.
Over history it would be hard to predict how many people died from gasolene that didn't know what killed them, it is a poison spreading material, because
it is distilled with benzene, hexene, x/zylene, and tolene which are all known carcinogenic materials.
Normal drinking alcohol also called ethanol, is the cleanest of all liquid fuels, and can be brewed from fast growing plants like hemp.
Hemp fabric even offers natural protection against the sun, blocking up to 95% of harmful UV rays, is used as horse bedding by the Royal Mews stables at
Buckingham Palace and has strong anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

Indie.Politics (Independant Record Labels)

Posted by Arkhenatan on July 20, 2006 at 7:08 PM Comments comments (0)

Blog No.1
Title:Indie Politics.
Written on 20th July 2006 by Arkhenatan, for "".
This is it, my first official Blog!
Attention!! All soldiers!! Report to data stores!!
To all the soldiers out there that buy my music, keep representing!!
This is Arkhenatan expressing my thanks, but more importantly utmost respect to all who buy my music!
Because when you buy my product, as of date available only from my website: "",
you are doing more than just buying music, 'cos you're also making a statement, to the record industry conglomerates(it's big business!)
 who control artists lives! (At least less fortunate ones anyway, not Arkhenatan!). 'Cos you're sayin' to them, and to us artists out
here also, that you are prepared to make a stand. You are saying that you have a heart 'cos you care about us little people (the artists),
and that you won't allow anyone to bully us, by dictating what cut of money an artist receives for their own hard work!
Make no mistake here, it is the Record labels that get most of the money, I'm talking roughly 80%, while the artist will only receive
around 20% ,if the artist is lucky, of what's left of the money AFTER cost deductions.Now I don't know how you feel, and I would like to,
but personally I don't think that sounds fair, it doesn't even sound reasonable to me! So by selling my music through my own website as a
music outlet, I'm also making the same statement, that I will not be bullied into selling my music at a such low price, or even at times
being ripped off by companies, with most of the cut going to the distibutors, for artists as myself to receive negligable returns!
'I take this serious so please believe me people, I'm trying to stay legal'.
In my own opinion �1 is a reasonable amount to charge for a music track, which can be listened to many times, and will be if the material
 is good and not just another quick fix, and I compare my music to Chi Gong or meditation, because the more you come back to it, the more
you will realise that it's beneficial and positive for your life, I don't know many artists you can say that about, but there are a
handful of well known ones, and I'm not saying I'm the best, but I'm at a good standard and improving, so watch this space! Anyway, back
to the point, you can't even get a bus a few stops for �1 nowadays.
So what I'm tryin to say is thank you, not only for taking the time to read this, (I know it's long right!?) but I thank you for your support,
and that's from Arkhenatan's soul not just from the bottom of my heart, and I'm sure all independant labels and distributors will feel
the same way, because once you've bought anything from my website: "", you have started the ball rolling of a new era,
you're now part of history, in the making! You have crossed over the threshold and taken action, so you are saying more than just 'I feel
you' or 'I agree', because you're now part of the solution, you're an activist baby!
In fact I would go so far as to say, that you are a soldier, because this is a revolution, and you are now part of it!
Long live the Jedi! (I'm a Star Wars Fan! The old episodes at least)
Arkhenatan July 2006.

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