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Posted by Arkhenatan on December 27, 2006 at 11:05 PM

There are many causes of cancer out there in the world, but they have one thing in common: they all are created from the
premise that we know better than nature. When we start changing things from their natural state is when alarm bells
should start ringing, because it is mainly unnatural man produced products which cause cancer. all these chemicals we use for cleaning,
and personal hygiene, chemical additives in food and tap water, in growing crops for food or clothing, bad cooking habits
(did you know that when you heat any form of fat to a certain temperature, it changes it's structure permanantly, making
it carcinogenic) synthetic packaging, even synthetic lighting; are all detrimental to our health. Petroleum or the oil
industry is so big today not just because of the modern combustion engine in cars and other vehicles requiring petrol,
but also because of the vast range of other products it is used in. Check the ingriedients of your cosmetic & personal
hygiene products, vaseline and lipbalm is a big one,  most of them have petroleum in there somewhere, which of course is
carcinogenic, but hey you don't need to know that it's gonna make you ill, and why would they advertise the fact!?
They're not interested in your health, that knowledge would drive custom away wouldn't it? That's no way to run a
business right!? It's about making money isn't it!? It's an industry not a nursery, one of the biggest industries in fact,
it's right up there, in terms of profit, along with arms. Plastic packaging, another product from the petroleum industry,
leaches toxins in minute amounts, into our food & water, which only needs something like one part to a trillion to affect
our hormone levels, and of course when our hormone levels become imbalanced, we eventually get cancer, it is said that
certain cultures may even have become extinct because of rare cycles in nature which detrimentally affect hormone levels,
of course affecting male fertility. So how did we fall into this trap? a lot of it is to do with the way we're educated,
(I use this term loosely) because apart from being conditioned to blindly follow every piece of information we're fed by
'our superiors', who of course we've learnt to trust with blind faith, because they have a title before or after their
name, and we've been conditioned to look up to them by now because we're below them according to this hierarchical society
in terms of position, status, or our rightful place. So we don't need to question them right? Wrong!? But yes, apart
from this, without realising it, we're also actually introduced into the habit of predominantly using our left
logical brain for thinking, which of course is what it's for, but this is another danger for our health too, in fact for
the Human race as a whole it is dangerous, as is anything unbalanced. (and I thought our predicament couldn't get any worse)
The left hemisphere of the brain is the part of it which seperates things in the world, labels them, categorises them,
and files them into their neat little pigeon holes, which is a useful tool of course.
But look at it like this: When you concentrate on differences, which is what you're doing when you seperate things in
this way, this is when you create prejudices, or pre-judgement, creating alienation. I mean where does racism comes from?
It is because attention is drawn to differences, how someone is black or white in colour, and even labelled as seperate races, the
black race or the white race or the chinese race, rather than being seen simply as human beings, with a different birth
origin, we're all from the same planet right!? also attention is drawn to differences in religion, opinion, cultures &
habits. The danger all stems from when this part of the brain is used solely on it's own without the use of the right side
of the brain to stabilise it. Because while the left side of the brain looks at differences it is the right side of the
brains' function to look at similarities. Think of a childs bike with only one stabiliser, fine if you're only going to
turn the direction supported by the stabiliser, but if you turn the opposite direction it's dangerous, and the child
will fall off. The reason being is that thinking becomes unbalanced without the use of both sides of the brain for input.
That is the key here, because unbalanced things are unstable, and in nature everything is naturally balanced, and it is
mans downfall that he doesn't realise this because he comes along with his logical mind, thinking he knows better with his
little understanding and starts changing things, that's why they say little knowledge is a dangerous thing. In the study of
herbal medicine for instance, you learn that there are many active ingriedients in one herb, in pharmaceutical science,
what they do is take out whatever active ingriedients they think is needed for treating a particular illness, (man
thinking he's better than nature again) and use them in making their pharmaceutical products for sale. Now this is either
because they're very smart, (Health is a major money making industry) Or it is because of that old adage, 'a little
knowledge is a dangerous thing', the sole use of the left side of the brain is the cause of most ills
in the world, and they think they know more than they do, so are a danger to all who trust them.
Because what happens is, the now synthetic, product is missing vital elements from it's make up that were there for the
purpose of  keeping it's structure balanced and therefore stable. This is where side
effects come from, consumption of unstable, (synthetic) health products. Remember that everything in nature is balanced,
this is the reason the T'ai Chi, (symbol of Yin & Yang) is so appreciated in China. It symbolises that everything in nature is
balanced, and is whole, hence why it forms a circle.....Personally I think that it is both; they know they are causing
illness and even death, and they don't care, because the right side of the brain also governs emotions, and they also
think they are superior to nature, and their way is better, and even to the rest of society, so why would they care about
us anyway!? aren't we just the peasants paying the taxes to the feudal Lords still, from the dark ages, just under a
different guise!?
Man needs to wake up and realise his place as part of nature, and to stop trying to be better than it! Nature is THE
Intelligence. The word Nature comes from the Khemetic (ancient Egyptian) word Neteru, this word means god/principal, or
principal of God. They realised that God was too vast to describe and that we could only understand his qualities or
principles, or we can only describe them anyway. Recognise that to learn about nature is to learn about ourselves as part
of it, and the part we have to play in it. Then we can all start to live healthy balanced lives, with more information,
and time to put to practice the new knowledge learnt. But of course that's another problem, because we've also come to
accept this modern, convenience lifestyle, with fast food because of lack of time and because of what we're conditioned
to and are used to, because habits, of course, good or bad become a way of life. So you can either accept what you're
given or raise your standards higher and say I want better than that. Or panic, take the first offer from fear or hold out
for the best, out of love. I suppose it depends on what you think you deserve. But the good news is, we're all equal, we all
deserve an equal chance and equal respect, because all are worthy, and to change something,
the first step is wanting to do so with enough conviction to move you to act, or take action. Of course you also need the
knowledge of how to do so, but that's the easy part nowadays with the internet. You want to change something, make it
happen! Know thy self, because self knowledge is self empowerment! Knowledge of your subject ,whatever it may be, (what
it's needs are being a good start), helps you to understand it and empowers you to be better equipped to handle any
eventualities, that may come up, easier and make it, on a whole run more smoothly.
Of course health is the first priority, so if we can be aware of what our bodies need to be healthy, and what causes
illness, then we're better equipped to maintain health and also prevent health! An ounce of prevention being worth a
pound of cure of course. If you don't get ill, you don't need cures, and you're body's immune system can be strong. It's funny,
or not so funny in fact that they don't teach us any of this at school isn't it!? But then we're just consumers nowadays
aren't we!? as in we're just here to earn money so we can buy the products put there for us, otherwise what would be the
point in the powers that be allowing us to walk on their land, we pay through the teeth for it though don't we!? How did they
manage to claim the ground on which we walk on anyway? Ah yes back to the feudal times and man thinking he's superior/
logical thinking etc....anyway back to the point, I read a health and social care book, must've been about ten years ago now,
inside which it had a diagram of a health pyramid. This described the basic need of humans, like food, clothing, shelter, social
contact etc, but then went on to exercise. It said that to be healthy humans need to do some form of weight bearing
exercise to prevent muscle and bone deterioration, cardiovascular exercise, a minimum of 3x a week, for 20-30 minutes,
for heart and lungs of course, and a relaxation technique is needed everyday for at least 30 minutes. These are the basic
requirements, according to the health and social care profession, which I read for myself years after I had left school, and which they put in a book
for people looking after the elderly in health and social care! Forgive me for asking but isn't that a bit late to start teaching
people how to maintain their health!? When they're on their way out! Personally I do Tai Chi Chuan, for relaxation and
sometimes Chi gong too. Shame they didn't teach that sort of thing at school, but then why would they!?
We need to empower ourselves to be in control of our own lives, that starts with changing the old conditioning of relying
on outside authorities to give you the answers, and have your interests at heart into trusting yourself to find answers
and to know what's best for you, if you haven't done so already. and you can start by questioning things and asking why.
Why is that required of me, why is that good for me etc.
So let's make this world a better place-together!!

Arkhenatan signing off, Peace!

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