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The Cure For All Cancers Blog

Posted by Arkhenatan on December 1, 2006 at 1:59 PM

The Cure For All Cancers Blog

I was watching TV earlier today and saw a program about a young woman suffering from bone cancer, which is quite an adverse form of cancer and consequently requires lots of Chemotherapy to null the pain. This made me think of the book I have in my possession entitled 'The Cure For All Cancers', by Dr. Hulda Clark. I was thinking about why this book is not widely known and why it is not acknowledged. I mean if it were not true that there is a cure for cancer, or all cancers, as the book suggests, than wouldn't Dr. Clark be liable for prosecution, and obviously her book would then be taken off of the shelf!! But it's not!!

Does that not make her claims stronger?!! She even gives 100 patient case histories!! If you ask me why it is not widely known, it's because the NHS is a health industry and therefore it's purpose, like any other business, is to make money!! Now you cannot run a business if you are turning away custom, which of course is what you're doing if you offer cures, rather than removing just symptoms, i.e. pain. Of course this industry goes hand in hand with the pharmaceutical industry, and even the meat & dairy industry. Because if you look in the British medical journal, the official reference guide to new scientific health related research, for Doctors And health care professionals, you find studies from over ten years ago, suggesting that meat and dairy products cause more deaths each year, than drinking and smoking put together, because of the vast amount of different diseases, not just cancer, caused by their consumption! Now if you control the knowledge taught to doctors, the syllabus for their education includes hardly anything about nutrition, remembering that they are your front line sales people if you an industry that has a range of health products or procedures to promote and sell, then you're are going to avoid teaching them preventative measures, healthy lifestyles and/or cures to teach to patients. You would concentrate purely on teaching them diagnosis, and products or procedures which seem to deal with the problem, but don't cure it and only superficially remove it, the cause still being present; and to encourage people to think that illnesses and diseases are a natural part of life!! Which is what doctors do!! I mean I have nothing personally against doctors, just against the way they are educated!! It's wrong, because to cure something we need to find the cause and treat or remove the cause, whether it is a chemical additive/ingredient added to diet unnaturally or part of an enforced, unhealthy lifestyle, the point is that some change is needed, not just another drug to remove or cover up the symptoms until they become so strong that they can no longer be ignored, then something has to give for sure!! That is why the book is not well known, and what's more that is why Vitamin B17 is banned in the USA and UK, because this is another known cure for cancer which occurs naturally in some plants and in most fruits with kernals which have a hard shell, like apricots and plums, which can be broken with a nut cracker and a soft edible seed is hidden inside containing vitamin B17, and  you can just eat them, now as I'm not a Doctor, I can't actually tell you how many is safe so you'll have to use your own judgement, but in my personal opinion I'd say something like 5 or 6 a day is safe under normal circumstances, but obviously if you wanted to gauge how many seeds to eat, just don't eat more then you can without feeling sick or more than you would eat the fruit itself. You can eat a few a day if you have no cancer to prevent it, or if you have cancer eat more than normal. But anyway, that is why the cures aren't well known or publicised if you're asking me.......Because of money!

Written by Arkhenatan on Friday Dec 1st 2006

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