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Why I don't Vote

Posted by Arkhenatan on June 8, 2017 at 9:50 AM
I don't vote because I am not so naïve to think that even the politicians with the best intentions can do much for us, because when you boil it down... We have a budget on one hand and a national debt on the other, which increases at a rate of £5120 per second due to the interest! Then there are the shareholders of the companies that put the politicians in power or sponsored their publicity campaigns, who also want their returns on their shares, so the politicians either have to make cuts, or increase revenue, so we see new wars which create rebuilding contracts and provide resources, business for the arms industry and profit for the medical industry from medical supplies (including tax rebates on out of date medical supplies) and we see new "laws" for more revenue (there is a difference between for profit statutes and the real laws) these same companies own the newspapers and news channels, otherwise we wouldn't know the names of the handful of chosen politicians they have decided we are allowed to vote for, giving us the illusion of choice (there are other political parties doing much more for better causes because their hands aren't tied by companies they are indebted or bound by contract to like big pharma, oil and arms companies etc.) So the politicians can't save us, even if that is their intention, only we can save us... I ain't waiting for Jesus or any other saviour, only we can take responsibility for ourselves and for building our communities. That may be a long journey, and probably even too big a picture for most people to envision, because most don't know of our true history of way of life before the industrial revolution happened, so we believe what we're told by the meat and dairy, big pharma and oil sponsored education system, what archaeologists tell us about ancient cultures being primitive. Because archaeologists that release and expose evidence to the contrary, evidence of our technologically advanced past, end up being sacked, so we carry on believing the lies that this Roman system feeds us, instead of the truth about who we are and what we're capable of, because divided we fall, but united we stand tall. And remember, as the Dao De Jing (tao te ching) says "every journey starts with a single step." Arkhenatan 8th June 2017

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