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Posted by Arkhenatan on July 20, 2006 at 7:08 PM

Blog No.1
Title:Indie Politics.
Written on 20th July 2006 by Arkhenatan, for "".
This is it, my first official Blog!
Attention!! All soldiers!! Report to data stores!!
To all the soldiers out there that buy my music, keep representing!!
This is Arkhenatan expressing my thanks, but more importantly utmost respect to all who buy my music!
Because when you buy my product, as of date available only from my website: "",
you are doing more than just buying music, 'cos you're also making a statement, to the record industry conglomerates(it's big business!)
 who control artists lives! (At least less fortunate ones anyway, not Arkhenatan!). 'Cos you're sayin' to them, and to us artists out
here also, that you are prepared to make a stand. You are saying that you have a heart 'cos you care about us little people (the artists),
and that you won't allow anyone to bully us, by dictating what cut of money an artist receives for their own hard work!
Make no mistake here, it is the Record labels that get most of the money, I'm talking roughly 80%, while the artist will only receive
around 20% ,if the artist is lucky, of what's left of the money AFTER cost deductions.Now I don't know how you feel, and I would like to,
but personally I don't think that sounds fair, it doesn't even sound reasonable to me! So by selling my music through my own website as a
music outlet, I'm also making the same statement, that I will not be bullied into selling my music at a such low price, or even at times
being ripped off by companies, with most of the cut going to the distibutors, for artists as myself to receive negligable returns!
'I take this serious so please believe me people, I'm trying to stay legal'.
In my own opinion �1 is a reasonable amount to charge for a music track, which can be listened to many times, and will be if the material
 is good and not just another quick fix, and I compare my music to Chi Gong or meditation, because the more you come back to it, the more
you will realise that it's beneficial and positive for your life, I don't know many artists you can say that about, but there are a
handful of well known ones, and I'm not saying I'm the best, but I'm at a good standard and improving, so watch this space! Anyway, back
to the point, you can't even get a bus a few stops for �1 nowadays.
So what I'm tryin to say is thank you, not only for taking the time to read this, (I know it's long right!?) but I thank you for your support,
and that's from Arkhenatan's soul not just from the bottom of my heart, and I'm sure all independant labels and distributors will feel
the same way, because once you've bought anything from my website: "", you have started the ball rolling of a new era,
you're now part of history, in the making! You have crossed over the threshold and taken action, so you are saying more than just 'I feel
you' or 'I agree', because you're now part of the solution, you're an activist baby!
In fact I would go so far as to say, that you are a soldier, because this is a revolution, and you are now part of it!
Long live the Jedi! (I'm a Star Wars Fan! The old episodes at least)
Arkhenatan July 2006.

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