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The Importance Of Chi

Posted by Arkhenatan on October 28, 2008 at 8:08 AM

Chi is the animating force of the universe, and nothing can live without it. The mind controls where chi goes to, which means that wherever you focus your mind,

chi goes. The same can be said of love, whatever you give your attention to, you are nurturing, and it will grow stronger, whether that is a plant, a child, a

problem or yourself. Wherever you focus your attention, you are sending lifeforce energy, or love, (which is why babies cry for attention) so it will grow in

strength. So isn't it better to focus on what you do want, rather than what you don't? In fact if you go one step further and visualise what you want, you are not

only giving it strength, but also form or structure too, it is like a blueprint telling the energy what it is to build. It works like this: The laws of physics state that

everything that exists in the universe is made of energy, vibrating at different frequencies, lower vibrations are denser, so you have solid, liquid or gases etc. But

every thought is also energy. Now you can think positive thoughts or do positive affirmations like saying, "I am rich" for example, (focusing on what you want), or

you can go one step further, and visualise yourself surrounded by the things, or living the lifestyle you would have, if you were already rich, giving form to the

energy in 3D. Of course as with anything, visualisation is a skill like any other and takes practice, and maybe more so than others in the western world, because

it is a skill which uses the right side of your brain, and in the west we aren't taught much, in fact some of us are taught nothing at all, which uses the right side of

your brain, which is the creative side of your brain, but given enough time and practice, you can literally create what you want in your life. Of course you have to

take the actions too and can't just 'live in your head'.(See my other blog 'Unbalanced lifestyle/Cancer') But invest in yourself and it is only you that will benefit,

well actually it has an effect on all the people you come into contact with to tell the truth. Anyway, getting back to the topic of chi, this is why in most meditations

and chi gong, you focus your attention on yourself, on some part of your body, or at least you should do to increase chi energy, then you finish by focusing your

attention on the dan tien, three finger widths below the navel, and just in front of the spine, which is the 'store house' for chi, so that you keep the enrgy you have

just cultivated. Incidently this is what chi gong means, cultivation, or development of lifeforce energy..... Any good culture, or complete culture, would include

exercises for this purpose, as the word itself suggests, because a culture is something that is cultivated, as in fungus in a petridish etc. Therefore you can say

that the chinese culture is complete as a whole, and that any style of Kung Fu, (or Gong Fu to use the correct term) which doesn't include or incorporate some

form of chi gong is incomplete. Kung/Gong Fu actually means development or cultivation of skill by the way. Also, when chi stops flowing to any part of your

body, illness develops and in acupuncture, they use needles to unblock chi and get it flowing again, because it is the flow of chi to the internal organs that keeps

you alive and well. Yoga was actually developed to prepare the body for meditation, because yoga, meaning yoke or union, actually strengthens your body and

makes it supple enough to enable it to sit for a long time without discomfort which would distract your mind, and it also works on maintaining the meridean

system, the channels which chi flows along, to keep it unblocked, so unifying body, mind and spirit (energy/chi). Tai Chi and Chi Gong, do the same thing, they

work on circulating chi through the merideans, with different movements for each meridean, to keep them unblocked, the same way you would flush water

through a pipe blockage to unblock it. But as you practice these disciplines, in time you can actually feel the presence of chi, it is like the electricity which powers

the lights or the appliances we use daily, you can't see it most of the time, but you know it is there, and it is not just some concept either, as it has actually been

measured scientifically, and there are articles about this if you want to search them out.
Anyway, hopefully you have more of an understanding now as to how chi works and the different ways that it is important in your life, than you had already.

Arkhenatan 28th October 2008

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