Arkhenatan The Conscious Hip Hop Artist

The Truth Is Here!


Arkhenatan's first rhyme was in the form of English homework, around age 14, written as a story, inspired by an old Ice-T song. This was his way of making the homework, which seemed like a task at the time, bareable. (Who wants to stay in to do homework at that age?!) Then at about age 18, while socialising at a party at a rugby club event's hall, he was summoned by the crowd by name, much to his surprise, to the stage to pick up the microphone after the DJ invited any one who wanted to, to rap. As he hadn't taken writing seriously yet, but loved Hip Hop, he felt no hesitation about performing a couple of well memorised NWA tracks to record instrumentals selected by the DJ. It wasn't until around six years later that Arkhenatan started to put pen to paper and began the journey of someone just writing rhymes to express how he felt, to becoming a serious Hip Hop Artist. Attending Lambeth college to study sound Engineering, where he first learnt how to use Cubase VST properly, having limited previous knowledge of this music production program. Then armed with his new knowledge he purchased a PC and started to take the music production side of things seriosly too (he never was one to rely too much on others to get things done for him). But, as with a lot of music courses, the balance between written work and practical work was, (surprise surprise!), leaning more towards the paperwork side, so it was a blessing coming across Raw Material studio in Brixton where courses were 100% practical, in fact most of the time on course was spent producing tracks! Needless to say The Conscious Rapper was pleased as he got a lot from the time he spent here with like-minded serious people! Serious enough to seek tuition at least. Then from here Arkhenatan went on to study Drama for two years which helped with vocal technique and performing. But mainly, and intentionally of course, helped with his acting ability and career, having landed his first lead role in 2004, and then appearing in 'Flash Tash Records' early 2005, and also appearing in 'The Caribbean connection' for an interview about the series. In between all this, he started to put his own website together. Then in 2005 after auditioning for one of the music courses at CM in Elephant & Castle, he was accepted and consequently developed his music production and performance ability, whilst also collaborating with other artists. Then on completion of the course, armed and ready with new skills, started tightening the production of his first album, and hooked up with Urban Voice UK and other UK artists to put on the 'More Than Music' showcase @ Cargo, in July 2007, for the culmination of the course..... Since performing at the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, on the 24th August 2009, in Scotland, over other artists tracks as well as tracks he has produced, around August 2014, Arkhenatan has been recording with other artists like Ambrei on a couple of tracks produced by Alex Romane, the producer at Urban Sunrise music, supplying lyrics for dance tracks for their album. And in October 2017,  after deciding to do it himself, Arkhenatan has now finished mixing and mastering his first single, called 'Enemy Lines', now ready for sale on BandCamp, many more to follow soon... Watch this space